World 4-Square Championships!

Come late February of every winter, great athletes from all around the world converge for one truly phenomenal event: The World Four Square Championships.

This insane, action packed, and dizzying tournament is held every year in Bridgton, Maine with the help, guidance and oversight of   Bridgton Academy has graciously hosted this event in their main gym for the past several years.

This grueling competition of nerves, reflexes, power, precision and symmetry is where champions and everyone else come to vie for the shimmering golden trophies of triumph.

While only a few skilled competitors go home with the glory of the bling-bling, all who come have an excellent time.

All the proceeds from this tournament benefit the Lakes Environmental Association’s work to protect lake water quality in Maine.

The 2018 Championship was held on the 24th of February 24th at Bridgton Academy.   Below are some photo highlights:

 Wham!  All eyes on the ball
 Birds eye view   The low bounce…aghh!
 Fly ball!  It certainly keeps you on your toes!
 Women’s Semi-finalists  Men’s Semi-finalists
 Men and Women Champions!   Comradery or heckling?
 Lady Champions!  Junior Champ
 The ladies battle it out  Look at that serve!  Perfect!
 Muscles tensed, on edge…  Don’t be mislead by his size or muck boots!
 These guys were not kidding around…  The Claw’s signature “behind-the-back-smack”
 A celebration of symmetry   The Narwhal’s basking in trophy gleam!
 Junior champ!  You must sacrifice to win…


Lakes Environmental Association, 230 Main Street, Bridgton, Maine, 04009