Milfoil Progress Report

In addition to all of the work done in Long Lake, LEA’s Milfoil Control Team had to protect vast areas in Brandy Pond, the Songo River, and Sebago Lake last summer. Although Long Lake may have received the milfoil attention, the work the Team did in these other areas was no less impressive.

Brandy Pond and the Songo River both looked good last summer. Less than two dozen plants were found in Brandy, all of which were at marinas. In the Songo River we had a couple of small patches to contend with, but these, like the few plants in Brandy, were easily remediated. LEA does regular surveys to remove re-growth, but this process is much less time consuming and costly than battling large, dense infestations.

                            LEA’s Milfoil Control Team laying Benthic Barriers in Sebago Cove

With resources from the towns surrounding Sebago Lake and individual landowners, the Milfoil Team has moved onto this lake in recent years. Frye Island is a great example of success in Sebago. The Island’s coves were choked with the weed a few years ago, and now there are just a few remaining patches. We also surveyed areas around Sebago that have not yet had milfoil control, like the Northwest River and the Sticky River. These areas have acres of mature milfoil that will require weeks of labor to manage. Unfortunately, the Milfoil Team already has its hands full with the project in Sebago Cove. This cove has one of the worst infestations in the state and we expect control work to take at least ten years.

However, LEA has made strong headway in Sebago Cove over the past two summers. We laid our barriers, and pulled hundreds of bags of the weeds from the Cove’s shallow waters. By mid-summer we had about 30% of the area controlled. However, after the discovery of milfoil in Long Lake, the work in the Cove was suspended temporarily to deal with this new infestation. The unforeseen work pulled our limited crew off Sebago Cove for about a month, which resulted in milfoil re-establishing in some areas we had already harvested. This was a setback, but the project still made a net gain of territory this year. Now that the situation in Long Lake has been addressed, we should be back on track in Sebago Cove for next year.

The Milfoil Team was staffed by an amazing crew this year. Veteran crew members Derek Douglass, Tommy Chagrasulis, Lucien Sulloway, and Abe Wiblin were joined by newcomers Kevan Merrow, Andrew Ferris and Devyn Hatch. The success of our Team depends on the work of these young men and, of course, maintaining adequate funding from the community.

Interactive map of LEA’s control work in 2017. Zoom in to see areas where control

work was conducted, and click on the items to get more info!

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